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Tanned Fur

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Fur Tanning and Taxidermy

About Us

At Fur Tanning Inc we offer the finest tanned furs of superior quality tanned by our professionally trained staff. To harvest the best animals I travel to different regions of the country that are known to produce high quality furs; such as South Dakota with their long cold winters and great genetics that produce extra large animals with rich colors and thick silky pelts. Fur Tanning Inc's combination of harvesting the best fur available and our quality tanning from our tannery means we produce one of the finest products on the market. You can also browse our store items for your fur needs.

At Fur Tanning Inc we have a large selection of quality fur products that we make. Using our own quality furs or yours. We make custom items from your own Tanned furs or raw pelts that you send in to be tanned in our tannery. Fur Tanning Inc can make some thing of your own design or special needs for archery or muzzle loader hunting. You can also browse our store items for additional ideas.

Fur Tanning pelts

Quality Taxidermist tanning of your trophy allowing you to have it mounted now or later. Garment tanning of your pelts for wall hangings, throw rugs or draped over the cabin rail. You will receive a beautiful fur in return for all your memories and souvenirs.

Mission Statement

Fur Tanning, Inc. provides quality services and products to every customer. We give the trust and respect you deserve whether you are just starting out or an old pro. Our staff is 100% dedicated and committed to your tanning needs and is continually striving to meet your needs and demands for our products and services. Our tannery is located in Nampa, Idaho.


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